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Return to the Beginning

The project Return to the Beginning was produced together with composer Aleksandre Chinchaladze (aka TeTe) in the frames of the Festival of Contemporary Art ARTISTERIUM V in the Rustaveli National Theater, Tbilisi, Georgia.


Within every single one of us there is an abandoned house, that lies forgotten, where we must return in order to meet ourselves. A house where doors are crooked, where window panes are broken, where grass grows through the floor and branches of trees pierce the empty window frames. It is our hidden world, a world we left in our childhood. There comes a moment when we try to stop going forward and return to the place where we once met our first fears and first pain, our real, visceral, and animal experiences.

It is vital that we return to that place where we used to meet our feelings, the feelings we have been trying to escape for so many years, thinking we have forgotten them, but in fact they still live with us, they influence our lives.

We need to return to where we are naked and vulnerable children again, where we stop play- ing social roles, where the influence of the outside world ceases to exist; to return, to step into the darkness from which we escaped. We need to step into the darkness to meet our fear, to confront that monster and to recognize it, to descend to our roots where we will face our fear and for the first time we will not run; we will stay with it, join it and dissolve in it. This time we need to stop and look back and ask ourselves a question – where am I?

This is the time to return to our personal story, to recognize it and remember it, understand and accept it and to be free from it.
To stop and then to return to the beginning.