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In the anthropological understanding of the formation of social groups, a group is defined primarily by its borders; where they are placed and how hard they are being policed and maintained. The process of “boundary-work” is inseparable from ascription, where self- ascription and ascription of others become the main critical feature of the group. What matters here is not actual behavior or facts, or how similar members of the group are, but rather what they say they are and what they say they stand for. Thereby the boundary is a space where characteristics undergo dramatic change, where “us” transforms into “them”.

One of the ways of understanding social borders, is that they are an action, continuously performed, an unstable phenomenon, existing as a result of everyday work. The viewer here is invited to perform or contemplate the process of policing the border, as well as experiencing the danger that such processes always carry. The harder the boundary is being defined by us, the sooner we are going to be destroyed by its presence.

Installation Images by Klaengur Gunnarsson

Still from the documentation video of Boundary-Work

Installation images by Tina Umer

160x150x280cm, concrete, metal, wood,styrofoam; 2018